With the help of a professional landscaper, even the most humble property can be transformed into a scenic masterpiece. From smaller projects like the addition of natural stones and flower beds, to larger ventures like constructing a gazebo, patio, or water features, there is a wide range of landscaping options available. Paint the paradise you have always imagined, adding tremendous beauty and value to your property. 

Imagine the possibilities for your property: cool brooks and tranquil ponds, terraced gardens with winding stone walkways, or the privacy of natural hedge fencing. An exceptional landscaper will have a vast array of tools at his disposal, and the skills to create any of these features. He will have an extensive portfolio of exceptional quality prior work and be able to offer additional ideas on how to further improve your landscape. Above all, an exceptional landscaper should have the ability to plan accurately and efficiently. This way, you’ll know exactly how your property will look before the work even begins.  

Add some character to an otherwise uninteresting lawn. Choose a landscaper with a fully integrated selection o fmaterials in colors that match your lifestyle. Landscape in the style of your home’s architecture. Plant a garden in a contemporary English, Italian, or French design. Add a touch of the exotic with a koi pond or columns. Fully realize the beauty and value potential of your property. 

Let your landscaper handle the hard work and the details. The best ones are able to do much more than simply plant flowers. Superior landscapers can create terrace features, build gazebos, and even do electrical work. Allow a quality landscaper to transform your back yard into a personal getaway place. Whether you want a perfect spot for a family picnic, a shady place to sit and solve a crossword puzzle, a putting green, or just a nice looking back yard, a great landscaper can turn your imagination into reality. 

B & G Landscape, L.L.C., a premier design-build landscaping company based in Scotch Plains, NJ, has over 32 years of professional experience and avast portfolio of superior grade projects. B & G excels in all areas of landscaping, especially larger scale building projects such as pools, gazebos, and major masonry work. Their sophisticated master-planning methods allow you to visualize the future beauty of your property before a shovel even hits the dirt. Call for a free consultation at (738)-882-5456. 


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